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Flaunt announces “Roblox Rewards” pilot program, transforming ROI for brands on Roblox

Posted by Flaunt
Oct 23, 2023

Today, Flaunt launched its new pilot program, “Roblox Rewards,” enabling enterprises to build direct relationships with fans on Roblox and link the digital & physical worlds.

A first-of-its-kind gaming integration

Flaunt is the very first marketing platform enabling brands to link Roblox activations with their core businesses, solving a major pain point for brands activating on Roblox.

This limited-access program enables brands to design and launch targeted campaigns that completely level up the ROI potential of their Roblox activations.

Using Flaunt’s first-to-market integration with Roblox, deep expertise of the Roblox platform and integrations with core business systems (CRM, e-commerce, and loyalty), brands can now gain insight into who is engaging with them on Roblox and create more personalized experiences for them in the future.

Details of the pilot program

What the program offers:

  • White glove services, ideation and creative support on the loyalty campaign strategy
  • Customizations to tailor to your use case
  • Complementary integrations with core business and no lift from internal IT teams
  • Discounted access to pilot tier of Flaunt’s Campaigns product
  • Assistance with rewards and sweepstakes fulfillment
  • Project management and detailed analytics on campaign success
  • Collaboration and support from Roblox with access to a new Beta feature

Campaign use cases

  • New Leads: Capture a new generation of customers with gamified campaigns rewarding Roblox engagement
  • Better Loyalty Experiences: Enhance loyalty programs and CRM personalization with Roblox account & rewards integrations
  • Re-engaged Roblox fans: Re-activate existing Roblox experiences by giving users new reasons to engage

A compliant, comprehensive solution

All campaigns run with Flaunt are only available to 13+ consumers, and brands have the ability to increase the age / geographic requirements as desired to qualify for sweepstakes and rewards and add their specific terms and conditions.

Flaunt is also committed to ensuring the privacy and security of user data, which is why we have implemented comprehensive measures to comply with data privacy requirements and regulations.

Join the Roblox Rewards program

If you’re looking to drive more ROI from your brand’s Roblox experience, get in touch at

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