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Outgrowing Yotpo Loyalty? Meet Flaunt.

Posted by Flaunt
Dec 12, 2023

Loyalty Programs are more important than ever

The global loyalty management market is on pace to grow by $4.4 billion from 2021 to 2026. 

Why is that?

In part, because acquiring customers is getting more expensive. Third-party cookies are on their way out, diminishing the quality of targeting data and measurement solutions for advertising. And ad impressions are getting more expensive too, as the media giants siphon off measurement capabilities to bait advertisers into consolidating their spend.

Against this backdrop, first-party channels and data collection are of heightened importance to marketing leaders and their C-suites. They are turning to loyalty programs as the most logical and effective channel for driving business growth and building data-rich relationships with consumers.

Enterprises are choosing Shopify Plus

Shopify has long been understood to be one of the most user-friendly and powerful e-commerce platforms. Now, more and more large retail, CPG and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are choosing Shopify’s enterprise offering, Shopify Plus, to operate their e-commerce channels.

Examples of brands that have switched to Shopify Plus from other e-commerce platforms (Source:

  • Bombas
  • Rebecca Minkoff
  • Gymshark
  • Scotch & Soda

A clear gap for enterprise loyalty on Shopify

Unlike other commerce platforms, Shopify relies exclusively on its partner ecosystem to deliver loyalty solutions to merchants. But enterprise brands on Shopify have historically lacked a suitable loyalty platform to meet their needs, and the ecosystem is split between polar opposite solutions.

On one end of the spectrum, inexpensive, yet inflexible platforms like Yotpo, Smile, and LoyaltyLion offer templates for standing up basic points and tier-based programs. These platforms are easy to justify for the SMB market, but lack the robust features & campaign-based functionality needed at the enterprise level.

On the other side of the spectrum, platforms like Annex Cloud and Zinrelo, which serve enterprise brands in many other contexts, can be expensive, difficult to implement and even more difficult to use.

Flaunt is tailored for enterprise brands on Shopify Plus

Personalized at every moment

  1. Showcase member status, points, badges, & rewards
  2. Promote featured content & launch targeted engagement campaigns
  3. Invite members to vote & contribute new ideas 

Campaign-oriented and gamified

  1. Launch customizable “challenges” that reward high-value activities from social engagement to purchases and more
  2. Consolidate referral & loyalty programs into one incentives infrastructure
  3. Collect & promote UGC and activate brand ambassadors with advanced roles 

Elegant, modular UI with an intuitive admin panel

  1. Leverage elegant, white-labeled UI templates or flexible APIs for custom-developed front-ends
  2. Configure any program design framework & integration needed (including commerce, POS, social, subscriptions, gaming, blockchain, and more)
  3. Manage members, analyze performance, & push data to CRM and marketing automation platforms

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