Web3 Brand Loyalty Platform

Build the world's most compelling loyalty experiences with gamification, personalization and omni-channel campaigns.

Enterprise loyalty for E-commerce

For too long e-commerce brands have suffered from undifferentiated loyalty programs that erode margin and lack engagement.

Flaunt enables enterprise brands to go beyond the transactional relationship with deep social integrations and flexible APIs, a gamified campaign engine and efficient community-management tools to drive more referrals.

Create, integrate, and deploy fully customizable programs

  • Configure points, tiers and rewards benefits tailored to your strategy
  • Create blockchain-integrated badges and collectibles to enhance gamification
  • Reward purchases, subscriptions, and engagement activities

Increase conversion and enhance the customer journey

  • Collect and push valuable data to your CRM that unlocks new degrees of personalization
  • Recognize members and make benefits accessible throughout their customer journey
  • Out-of-the-box integrations and flexible APIs

Reward purchases and deep social engagement

  • Reward customers with exclusive discounts, content, & experiences
  • Offer exclusive products to holders
  • Design gamified rules and tiers for better perks

Drive profitable behaviors with gamified campaigns

  • Define actions your members must take including social shares, purchases, visits, and custom defined activities
  • Link campaigns together to co-create with votes, foster competitions and connect members together
  • Configure flexible rewards structures to incentivize superfans with experiences and reward participants with benefits

Activate influencers in your loyalty program

  • Identify and activate influencers in your program
  • Invite top customers to contribute new ideas and shape your brand
  • Enable quick referral and social sharing opportunities to grow your business authentically

Analyze performance and ROI impact

  • Quantify revenue impact with connected analytics
  • Track engagement across touchpoints
  • Deepen understanding of top customers

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