Web3 Brand Loyalty Platform

Flaunt is an enterprise end-to-end loyalty management platform that serves as a single entry point into web3 for you and your fans, customers, and champions.
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Brand loyalty, powered by web3

You don't need to be a crypto expert to unlock the power of web3. With Flaunt you can build deeper loyalty with your customers by activating new models of shared ownership, community, and multiversal experiences. We bring this to life in a white-labeled, intuitive end-to-end platform.

Create, manage, and integrate web3-powered programs

  • Create new collections OR import existing ones
  • Assign unique benefits tied to ownership
  • Integrate with core business systems

Distribute loyalty assets to any customer

  • Sell or reward customer with memberships, passes, or collectibles
  • Create automated token distribution triggers
  • Offer email-based wallet and "crypto-less" payment options

Support unique benefits unlocked by ownership

  • Reward customers with exclusive discounts, content, & experiences
  • Offer exclusive products to holders
  • Design gamified rules and tiers for better perks

Enable high-value community engagement

  • Facilitate proposals, discussion threads, and voting
  • Display announcements, leaderboards, and featured content
  • Reward community participation

Host your own marketplace

  • Enable customers to buy, sell, and trade branded assets
  • Showcase perks & benefits front-and-center
  • Offer new customers an entry point to accelerate their loyalty

Analyze performance and ROI impact

  • Quantify revenue impact with connected analytics
  • Track engagement across touchpoints
  • Deepen understanding of top customers

Products and packages

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Our starter pack:

Flaunt Rewards
  • Import existing collections
  • Member benefits portal
  • Integrations with core business systems
  • Basic program analytics

Everything in Rewards, plus:

Flaunt Membership
  • Create new collections
  • Tokens sold or earned
  • Advanced on & off-chain analytics

Everything in Membership, plus:

Flaunt Experience
  • Branded marketplace
  • Announcements, leaderboards, & voting
  • Community discussion threads
  • Additional customizations
Flaunt Studio

Need help designing a custom solution or defining your web3 strategy?

Flaunt Studio is a combination software and services engagement, where we meet you where you are and design the right solution for you.

Our services include strategy & execution planning, creative direction & design support (inc. NFT artwork, program branding, and UI/UX design), and custom web3 experience development.

Step into the world of web3

More fans. More engagement.
More revenue.
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