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PepsiCo & Flaunt team up in first-ever Roblox Rewards campaign

Posted by Flaunt
Dec 21, 2023

bubly Sparkling Water (PepsiCo) has partnered with Flaunt to launch the “Avatar Adventure Sweepstakes,” a limited-time giveaway in support of PepsiCo’s first launch on Roblox.

With this campaign, bubly becomes the very first brand to bridge the digital & physical worlds by securely rewarding Roblox engagement with on-and-off-platform rewards. Upon entering the sweeps, bubly and Roblox fans have a chance to win a year’s supply of bubly products, a bubly Swag bag, and unlock a free, in-game limited UGC (avatar) item while supplies last.

Flaunt’s first-to-market Roblox integration enables brands and entertainers to connect their Roblox experiences to loyalty programs or run standalone marketing campaigns driving their core business.

bubly & PepsiCo enter the metaverse

bubly Sparkling Water has launched a limited-time experience on Roblox, the popular gaming platform with 65m+ daily active users (as of Q2 2023).

Paint the town bubly is a mini-game, brought to life within Pixel Playground’s persistent Roblox game called "GAMESHOW." The bubly brand shows up creatively throughout the experience, as players morph into the iconic bubly can and roll around to "paint the town" the color of their can.

As part of the campaign, bubly is also giving away a limited number of free UGC head accessories featuring the bubly lime can.

Upon entering the sweepstakes and connecting their Roblox accounts on, bubly fans are directed back to Roblox to redeem their head accessory.

bubly lime head during a live YouTube stream with KreekCraft and Karl Jacobs on 12/20

A first for brands on Roblox: capturing first-party data

With the help of Flaunt’s first-to-market Roblox integration, bubly becomes the first brand to securely collect first-party data and reward Roblox engagement with on AND off-platform rewards.

In October, Flaunt launched its “Roblox Rewards” Pilot Program, and PepsiCo’s launch marks the first brand pilot to hit the market.

Kelli McCarthy, Global Director of Web3 Next Gen DTC, Strategy and Transformation, PepsiCo

Kelli McCarthy, PepsiCo’s Global Director of Web3 Next Gen DTC, Strategy and Transformation, shared:

“Finding innovative ways to build direct relationships with our customers is a key priority for PepsiCo. We view Roblox as an important channel to introduce our beloved brands to new audiences and spark moments of fun.
We are always looking to create more personalized experiences, and our partnership with Flaunt enables PepsiCo to capture first-party data at scale from Roblox. This is critical to unlocking the insights necessary to fuel future personalization.”
Connor Kelley, Co-Founder & CEO, Flaunt

Flaunt CEO and former Roblox product leader, Connor Kelley, shared his perspective on this first-of-its-kind partnership.

“Until now, brands have had no visibility into who was engaging with them on Roblox. With Flaunt, they have a way to capture critical data and attribute ROI back to the world’s most engaging gaming platform.
We are beyond thrilled to be introducing this capability through our partnership with one of the world’s most beloved brands, and in tandem with the amazing folks at Vayner3, Zero Code, and Roblox who played pivotal roles in bringing the full experience to life."

Flaunt's integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud also enables PepsiCo to personalize future marketing campaigns to known-Roblox fans, another first.

Adventure and rewards await

Paint the town bubly and the Avatar Adventure Sweepstakes will remain live from December 1st, 2023 until February 11th, 2024.

Click here to enter the game on Roblox and here to enter the sweepstakes.

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