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Flaunt Launches Its Web3 Loyalty Platform on Salesforce

Posted by Flaunt
Jan 25, 2023

We're thrilled to our announce the launch of Flaunt Rewards on Salesforce. More detail below, but here's the tl;dr:

  • Brands need NFTs to modernize brand loyalty
  • Flaunt integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to make sure NFT-powered loyalty programs talk to the rest of your business
  • Flaunt is a new web3 loyalty provider backed by a team of former Salesforce execs
  • Sample use cases you can use Flaunt for: 1. improve loyalty 2. deliver perks 3. get into the NFT space
  • Want to see it live?

Why Salesforce?

The future of consumer engagement involves connected experiences and a deeper relationship between brands and consumers.

Salesforce shares our vision

Salesforce knows this, which is why they have set up a web3 advisory board, are piloting their NFT Cloud and token platform and are helping educate brands with their web3 studio and partnerships with firms like Media.Monks, Accenture and others. As Marc Mathieu, co-founder of the Salesforce web3 studio, put it at CES 2023:

For brands, Web3 is a new relationship, a new way of engaging with people. The big difference is that these people are no longer just consumers, they want to be co-creators, co-innovators, collaborators and co-beneficiaries.

Salesforce is in our DNA

Flaunt is co-founded by High Alpha, a venture studio that was started in 2015 by former founders and executives of ExactTarget. ExactTarget was acquired by Salesforce for $2.5 billion in 2013. Scott Dorsey, the managing partner of High Alpha, is the former CEO of Marketing Cloud & Co-Founder of ExactTarget and one of our board members, Eric Tobias, is the former founder of iGoDigital (acquired by ExactTarget and now incorporated into Salesforce Commerce Cloud).

Salesforce’s technology stack

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM and much more.

Among other things, Salesforce has CRM, Traditional Loyalty, Marketing and Commerce, and they’ve also recently launched NFT Cloud, which allows you to mint and sell NFTs on a trusted platform.

This is a rich ecosystem of tools you can use to engage and market to customers at scale and even create digital assets.

The problem

While using digital assets for marketing promises a new brand-consumer relationship, it has typically led to friction, complexity and disconnected experiences. This leaves consumers disengaged and brands struggling to quantify the ROI on their investments.

What’s needed is a way for brands to give these digital assets value, establish a deeper relationship with the customers who hold them, and analyze performance so they can test, learn and scale.

Enter Flaunt Rewards

Flaunt Rewards, Flaunt’s first product offering, enables brands to provide exclusive rewards and experiences to any owner of any digital asset.

We establish the critical link between digital assets and commerce, helping brands support the value proposition of digital assets and gather insight on their communities.

Our first integration with Salesforce is with their B2C Commerce Cloud product (formerly known as Demandware). Brands can configure discounts, exclusive products and giveaways in Salesforce and use Flaunt to reach the right owners of the right digital assets.

Use cases

1. Increase loyalty from NFT holders

For brands with existing NFTs, Flaunt Rewards helps you import them, configure benefits you’d like to offer to owners and distribute them through a white-labeled portal on your domain.

Many brands have launched campaigns and have struggled to provide tangible value to participants because it’s hard and complex. We make that process easy and make your customers happy.

2. Partner perks

For media brands or other organizations with a robust partner ecosystem, Flaunt Rewards can help you launch an exclusive membership and efficiently add and manage a long list of perks and benefits sourced from your partners. Media brands like Friday Beers and JUMP NEWS are using Flaunt to add member perks and offers to their media packages, and are driving more revenue for their businesses.

3. Getting started without an NFT

For brands looking to get started in web3 without launching their own branded NFT campaign or membership, Flaunt Rewards can help you target existing communities and provide them with exclusive perks and offers. This enables you to acquire high-value customers while laying a foundation for future initiatives in a low-risk, very simple way.

Up next

Flaunt will be continuing to build deeper integrations into Salesforce’s suite of products, enabling brands to weave digital assets into traditional loyalty programs, deliver personalized communication to members of web3 loyalty programs and add wallet data to their Salesforce CRM records.

In the meantime, check out our consumer-facing demo web3 loyalty program at to see how easy it is to claim a digital asset and unlock rewards or reach out at to schedule a meeting.

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