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Barefaced launches "No Sun Club" loyalty program, powered by FV3 & Flaunt

Posted by Flaunt
Nov 7, 2023

Flaunt is thrilled to announce its partnership with Barefaced, a market-leading skincare brand who create products inspiring confidence and helping customers develop long-term skincare routines. 

This strategic partnership will see Barefaced, FV3 (sister agency of FlyteVu), and Flaunt collaboratively power the "No Sun Club," a fresh & engaging loyalty proposition for Barefaced and the most compelling loyalty program experience ever launched on Shopify. 

Introducing the “No Sun Club” 

The program's central focus will be driving active participation, evoking brand advocacy by elevating user-generated content, and building a vibrant community with special recognition for the creators within its member base.

As members navigate the program’s four tiers, they will participate in challenges to earn points and exclusive rewards, while also having the opportunity to connect, learn, and share their skincare journeys with like-minded individuals. Barefaced views its reimagined loyalty program as an opportunity to establish genuine bonds between customers and brand fans that extend beyond the products they love. 

The program will also weave in partnerships with digital artists and incorporate web3 technology in fun & accessible ways. Members will enjoy unparalleled ownership of their rewards, with autonomy to trade valuable collectibles with their peers on a marketplace embedded within the core experience.

And unlike other loyalty programs that require separate platforms or disjointed experiences, every feature of the "No Sun Club" — from challenges and rewards to the upcoming marketplace — has been intricately woven into Barefaced's existing Shopify storefront.

“Thanks to the strategic insights from FV3 and the innovative tech from Flaunt, we're now able to take our community brand experience to the next level," says Jordan Harper, Founder and CEO of Barefaced. 
“Our vision has always been to be more than just a skincare brand – we want to cultivate a sense of community and be a resource for our customers. This new loyalty program is about creating a true engagement platform that celebrates our community and personalizes the virtual brand experience.”

FV3 first inspired Barefaced to reimagine its loyalty program by sharing stories of how other brands were experimenting with web3 technology & community-building in order to create deeper, emotional relationships with customers.

“This modern loyalty program with Barefaced and Flaunt ventures into the realm of shared, multiplayer experiences. Through immersive storytelling, gamification, and ownership of rewards, we are collectively pioneering a new era of customer engagement that breeds loyalty in its truest sense.” - AJ Hart, Co-Founder and CEO of FV3

And for Flaunt, this is yet another embodiment of the next generation of loyalty programs.

Flaunt CEO, Connor Kelley, shared, “We are extremely proud to be partnering with Barefaced. Jordan and her team truly understand the opportunity for brands to rethink traditional loyalty methods and tap into community-building and experiences to achieve deeper, emotional loyalty. 
This program perfectly accentuates the power of Flaunt’s platform to enable deep social integrations, brand storytelling & gamification, and other key business integrations to keep members engaged and drive more profitable revenue.”

The No Sun Club launched early this November and can be accessed here.

About Barefaced 

We all know selecting skin care products can be overwhelming. Barefaced is on a mission to eliminate that confusion with a simple philosophy: less, but better. Their medical-grade product line is results-driven and used by more than 250 thousand customers a year with a 90% return rate, so it’s safe to say the results speak for themselves. Founded by Nurse Practitioner, Jordan Harper, Barefaced also provides simple, science-backed education across their social channels, making it easy to build a customized skin care routine based on your unique skin type. With a team of Skincare Specialists available to text for complimentary consults and to answer any questions, it’s like having an in-office visit from the comfort of your couch. It’s all the tools you need for the confidence to go Barefaced. Visit Barefaced online at and follow along on social media through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

About FV3

FV3 is an innovation agency dedicated to crafting advanced loyalty solutions for brands. Taking loyalty beyond traditional definition, FV3 places these programs at the core of brand narratives, offering immersive experiences that resonate deeply with consumers. Through a blend of strategic oversight, partner collaboration, and in-depth insights driven by AI, FV3 provides brands with the tools they need to forge stronger, more meaningful connections with their consumer base. Whether it's through virtual environments, real-world events, or expansive marketing campaigns, FV3 is on a mission to redefine loyalty in today's fluid market dynamics. For more information, explore  or reach out at

About Flaunt

Flaunt is an enterprise loyalty management company powering the world’s most compelling loyalty experiences. Companies like PepsiCo, Wow Bao, and Barefaced use Flaunt’s platform to create and manage engaging, user-friendly loyalty experiences that leverage innovative strategies and emerging technology.

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