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Wow Bao Launches Hot Buns Club: A Web3 Loyalty Program on Polygon

Posted by Flaunt
May 18, 2023


Wow Bao–the fast-casual Asian street food concept–has launched its latest innovation—a web3 loyalty program called Hot Buns Club. This groundbreaking loyalty experience, built on the Polygon network, is now accessible to all customers, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrencies. In collaboration with Flaunt, Wow Bao has revolutionized loyalty marketing. Let's dive into the details of this exciting program and discover how it seamlessly combines digital collectibles, accessibility, and an engaging user experience.

Join the Club and Start Earning Rewards

To participate in the Hot Buns Club and unlock exclusive perks, visit

This innovative loyalty program goes beyond traditional rewards by transforming Wow Bao's iconic bao buns into vibrant digital collectibles. These collectibles not only serve as a visual representation of membership but also enable participants to enjoy a range of loyalty benefits. Additionally, they can be traded, sold, or gifted to friends through open marketplaces.Learn more about this groundbreaking innovation here

Accessibility for all Customers

One of the key differentiators of the Hot Buns Club is its accessibility. Wow Bao has gone the extra mile to ensure that even non-crypto-savvy customers can easily engage with this web3 loyalty experience. Unlike other programs that impose multiple barriers, Wow Bao has simplified the process, making it hassle-free for everyone. Let's explore how Flaunt facilitates this seamless interaction.

Flaunt: Bridging the Gap to Web3 Loyalty

Flaunt plays a pivotal role in providing a user-friendly web3 loyalty platform for Wow Bao's customers. By eliminating the need for complex crypto-related processes, Flaunt has paved the way for a broader audience to enjoy the benefits of digital collectibles and community experiences. Here's how Flaunt accomplishes this:

1. An Engaging, Accessible User Experience

Forget about wallets and crypto purchases. With Flaunt, customers can effortlessly connect or create a Bao Bucks account, confirm their email, and receive their collectible. This engaging and accessible user experience removes unnecessary friction, ensuring a seamless onboarding process.

2. Polygon Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Blockchain

All digital collectibles within the Hot Buns Club program are stored on the Polygon PoS blockchain protocol. This choice of blockchain offers exceptional reliability, minimal friction, and an eco-friendly approach. The Polygon PoS protocol empowers marketers to create web3 loyalty programs where consumers can truly own their assets without incurring significant costs. Leading consumer  brands have already embraced Polygon for their loyalty initiatives.

“Polygon Labs is excited for another innovative brand to launch a web3 loyalty program on the Polygon network. 
Using blockchain technology to enable net new loyalty experiences accessible to any user without the complexity of crypto is the future. 
The user experience that Flaunt has built in support of Wow Bao’s web3 loyalty program is at the top of the list in making participation accessible to all.
Brian Trunzo, Head of BD, North America

3. Key Infrastructure Partners

Flaunt’s platform sits atop a range of essential infrastructure partners to deliver a comprehensive web3 loyalty experience. These partners include Stripe for seamless credit card payments, Magic for hassle-free digital wallet generation, Thirdweb for audited smart contracts and minting, and Alchemy for blockchain ownership verification. By combining these key components with the Polygon PoS blockchain protocol, Flaunt provides a cohesive experience that drives business results and enables marketers to create web3 loyalty programs accessible to all customers.

Next-Generation Loyalty Experience for Everyone

With the Hot Buns Club, Wow Bao has ushered in a new era of loyalty marketing. This program exemplifies the next generation of loyalty experiences, blending captivating digital collectibles, accessibility, and meaningful rewards. By embracing web3 technology and leveraging the Polygon PoS blockchain protocol, Wow Bao has succeeded in delivering a loyalty program that resonates with customers and adds value to their brand experience.

Try it Today and Unlock Exclusive Perks

Discover the exciting world of the Hot Buns Club yourself. Join today! 

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