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The Untapped Potential of NIKELAND on Roblox – 5 Missed Opportunities to Drive More ROI

Posted by Flaunt
Oct 25, 2023

NIKELAND, the immersive Roblox experience from Nike, has taken the metaverse by storm with 34.9M+ visits since its creation in 2021. While Nike’s Roblox experience has been marked as an overall success for Nike, there are several untapped opportunities to reach NIKELAND’s full potential. In this post, we'll explore five areas where NIKELAND could improve its program strategy to extend its reach and real-world impact.

Extend in-game monetization into real-world purchases

In-game monetization is one of many ways Roblox provides value to its creators. Whether utilizing subscriptions and access-fees or providing items and abilities that users can purchase, virtual goods are a $54 billion market.

Nike, like other brands and creators, includes a virtual store in their experience for consumers to try on shoes and other products. But what if they could generate direct sales and real-world purchasing decisions within their Roblox experience?

With Flaunt Campaigns, Roblox creators can direct users to take action with a brand in the physical world – making a purchase, referring a friend, posting on social, and more. The result - another revenue channel and more ROI on your Roblox investment.

Incentivize Engagement Outside of the Metaverse

NIKELAND rewards players for gameplay with virtual products, but what if they could also unlock tangible, real-world rewards? By driving engagement and action outside of Roblox, NIKELAND could incentivize users to explore the brand beyond the metaverse.

By pairing their continued mini-game engagement strategy with Flaunt Campaigns, not only could Nike motivate Roblox users to continually interact with NIKELAND, but they could also create a cohesive brand experience across all marketing channels generating positive sentiment and loyalty.

Drive Recurring Visits Through Community Engagement

While cross-platform promotion is a common marketing strategy for branded Roblox experiences like NIKELAND, it often only generates initial interest. To keep users coming back regularly, brands need to do more than post a few social media ads.

Going beyond traditional advertisements, Flaunt Campaigns utilizes digital personalization to curate relevant offers, content, and campaigns within our community hub to foster a sense of belonging and continued engagement. This strategy encourages NIKELAND participants to continually engage by capturing first-party data to notify them about new experiences and offerings. This allows for active participation without the heavy lift of new feature and/or game development.

Extend CRM & Loyalty Programs

NIKELAND aims to increase brand awareness and generate positive sentiment, but it is isolated from Nike’s loyalty programs and app experiences like Nike Membership, Nike Run Club and .SWOOSH. By capturing first-party data and connecting customer records across other Nike loyalty channels, NIKELAND could nurture stronger, more personalized relationships with its users.

Flaunt Campaigns incentivizes the acquisition of first-party data and seamlessly matches customer records within your CRM to give you a more accurate picture of your Roblox audience. Not only does this integrated experience create brand loyalty but it also enhances the overall user experience, increasing ROI in the long term.

Collect and Activate User-Generated Content

Roblox allows users to create their own virtual identities and engage in peer-to-peer interactions and transactions. NIKELAND takes advantage of this by connecting enabling users to customize their avatar and unlock free UGC items. But what if User-Generated Content went beyond avatar customization and connected users' virtual identities with their physical identities?

With Flaunt Campaigns, Nike could encourage user-generated content like social media posts and referrals to amplify their NIKELAND marketing efforts. In addition to increasing engagement and leads, Flaunt could help Nike build a library of rich, compelling content created by brand advocates and customers to repurpose across channels.

In conclusion, while NIKELAND on Roblox is already a remarkable experience, there are several opportunities for Nike to drive more ROI. Flaunt Campaigns provide the means to achieve these improvements and elevate NIKELAND to new heights.

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